Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fully aware that I am behind on my photos

I know, I have not posted photos over the last few (THREE!) days.
It is a side-effect of my self-imposed challenge to only use my DSLR* to take photos.
It means I need to go and get my photos off the camera and the other day I just had a serious case of the CBFs, but tonight when I get home from work I'll get my photos off the camera and put them here and I'll be right back to where I need to be.
SO this week I have been to a little tiny town called Llanelly where my dad and brother were in a motorcycle rally. The Man and I crashed their Saturday night dinner and I've convinced my dad to take Buddy and Honey for a ride on one of his motorcycles. I went for my first motorbike ride when I was three months old and its time that they had a go.
And in other news, I am thinking about my 'challenge' for the month of April. What do you reckon I should do?
Songs that the prompts remind me of?
All in black and white?
Having a little Lego man in each of my photos?
I don't know...
*listen to me talking fancy about photos and such. A DSLR is a digital S... L... er... R camera.

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