Saturday, January 02, 2016

I tried this: Gummy Bear Icypoles

As I was checking out The Metapicture (as I do on a fairly regular basis) I found a recipe for Gummy Bear Icypoles.

These gummy bear icypoles came from
I don't know about you, but when I was a little person, my mum had a cupboard filled with Tupperware.
Some of these Tupperware goodies were icypole moulds. Mum would fill them up with cordial, or for a special treat, fill them up with jelly. The jelly would freeze, but when you came to eat them, because the jelly was less liquid than cordial, it wouldn't drip everywhere. If she was feeling particularly industrious, she'd make stripy jelly, but now as a mother myself, I know what a pain it is to make stripy jelly, with all the making jelly and waiting for it to set, and putting more jelly in without melting the previous layer, and repeat. Who wants to do that?
(Except I have just had an idea about stripy jelly which I might try out sometime soon)
However, this post isn't about stripy jelly. It is about Gummy Bear Icypoles.
So as I said, I was perusing The Metapicture, I found these icypoles. I was shopping at the time and decided that as it was a hot hot day in Central Victoria, the time was right to make some icypoles of my own.
I've actually googled and there are many recipes and tutorials to make these icypoles, but I decided I didn't need instructions and did it all myself. How clever!

Making Gummy Bear Icypoles, the Ninja Midget Way

This image came from here
1. Get some of these icypole moulds. Mine came free with Chobani yogurt, and one has gone missing, but these are very similar. I think the holes in the stick help to keep the icypole on the stick when you are pulling them out of the mould.

This image came from here

2. Get some gummy bears. There are many different varieties. I chose Haribo Sweet and Sour Bears.
Any gummy bear would work, but I think the Haribo are a bit softer. It's all personal choice really and who am I to tell you which gummy bears are superior. Just don't choose these ones. Look at the little arrow on the top left corner of the packet? I didn't notice that and hurricane of gummi bears ensued.

This image came from here
3. Get some lemonade. I used good old Homebrand from Woolworths. I am fairly sure that the brand of the lemonade will not have much bearing on the success of this recipe. You could maybe use other flavours. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Whack some gummi bears into the icypole moulds. I turned this into a fun (read: mathematical) activity for Honey, where I made her share the gummi bears equally. Several ended up in her mouth. We split the gummi bears five ways, so didn't actually plan to put a particular number amount of each into the icypoles.

5. Top up the icy pole moulds to the top with the lemonade and put the icypole sticks in.

6. Banish the icypoles in the freezer and forget about them for the rest of the day. I did this by having a nap. As I said it was very hot and not much else was happening.

7. Wait until the icypoles are frozen. It took my icypoles 6 hours to freeze, probably because my children were in and out of the freezer searching for Zooper Doopers.

8. Remove the icypole mould by running cold water over it.



  1. I am so making these at some point! The look (and sound) great!
    (Also, that link to the Amazon Bears is TERRIBLE... and hilarious.)

    1. I've seen those Amazon bears a lot of places and they sound hideous.
      The icypoles were awesome, but I didn't freeze them long enough so they were a bit melty.

    2. Shame. Maybe they'll be one of those things you'll have to make the night before in order for them to be perfect? I'm going to try making them tomorrow. Or tonight. We'll see XD