Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello? I came crawling back

What on earth happened there?

I went for TEN days without posting photos, and most of those days I didn't take any pictures TO post.

And now that I am mad keen to get back on the photo-taking wagon, I've left my iPhone (source of 90% of my photos) in Melbourne.

Anyway, I will persevere nonetheless and I'll claw my way back into keeping up with the photobombs.

So in other news, Buddy has become semi-mobile and rolls around the floor like a madman. He can't crawl yet, but he squirms all over the place and the number of times I turn around and see him banging his head onto something because he's wiggled his way somewhere.

And in one of my last couple of posts I said I was going to share something exciting.

Well here it goes:

I am going to be a primary school teacher by the end of the year!

I've done *thinks* 30 out of 32 subjects towards a Bachelor of Primary Teaching and this year is my year to finish and I AM SO DAMN EXCITED!

I feel like I've been accepted into uni, and that I've got four years to go before I'm finished


I will be finished by this time next year. In fact, I will be finished before Buddy turns 1.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ohhhhh, I..... I'm still alive!


I haven't been able to post photos because I became very ill with a mutant version of hayfever (or a cold, not sure which) which developed into the CBFs, and now I am trying to catch up.

Tomorrow I am at work so I might have a moment or two to think about posting up the photos.

Also I have mega exciting news (for me) which I will probably will share tomorrow.

But for now, I am off to bed (have to be up at 5am to get me and Buddy ready to go down to Melbourne for work), so I'll catch you on the flip-side.

And enjoy this live version of 'Alive' by Pearl Jam - can't believe this song is about fifteen years old. God I feel ancient now!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Photobomb - Feb 9 2013

40/365 - Buddy

40/365 - Honey
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: I took this photo when I stole The Man's EFT card and threatened to buy lots and lots of this stuff. Then I sent it to him in the car with the message 'Woohoo!'. He was genuinely concerned that I was going to buy litres and litres of Coke. He doesn't like Coke (can you tell?)

Friday, February 08, 2013

Photobomb - Feb 8 2013

SOMETHING ORANGE: I was going to do Colour Splash on this picture so it wuold really emphasise the orange colour, but by golly, I don't think it needed it. What do you think?
And Bendigo people - where did I find this chair?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Photobomb - Feb 7 2013

YOUR NAME: Self explanatory - I decided to go with the abbreviated form of my name.
Bendigo people - where did I find my name?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Photobomb - Feb 6 2013

Not the entire photobomb, but I am working on it -
SOFT - These are the blocks of foam in the foam pit at Tumble Tots. It was Honey's first day at Tumble Tots today. Grown ups aren't allowed in it *sulk*

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Photo bomb - Feb 5 2013

36/365 - Buddy (we are one tenth of the way through the project)

36/365 - Honey
SOMETHING I SMELT TODAY: This is The Man's take on Chargrilled Beef with Salsa (it's a 12WBT recipe). I ate it in 5 minutes flat. I was extremely hungry

Monday, February 04, 2013

Photo bomb - Feb 4 2013

35/365 - Buddy
35/365 - Honey. She wanted to buy Dad a card.

HOPE: My worst picture to date, but it was so hard to find a visual representation of hope!
I guess it means to me that you don't know what you have until you are forced to live without it.

Making things: Healthy Chocolate Cake

So as you know (or might not), I have been going to the gym.

To boot I have decided to start eating a 12WBT-ish diet which basically means I have googled a tonne of low-carb meals to eat. It means a lot of cooking, and I'm taking The Man along for the ride, but so far so good.


In the last week since I pretty much gave up Coke, potatoes and bread cold turkey, I have been waking up in the night dying for a sugar hit. It's madness! I wake up and creep around the house looking for chocolate or lollies or whatever I can get my sticky fingers on. In the morning The Man identifies what I've been nibbling on because I've left morsels of it everywhere. Ooops.

So I googled a recipe for a chocolate cake that was weight-loss friendly, and found this recipe for a chocolate cake at Healthy Indulgences.

I'll let you look at it, but it has a very surprising ingredient in it, that I had heaps of in my cupboard but never in my wildest imagination associated with chocolate cake.

It's a bit of a Choose Your Own Adventure recipe, with alternative combinations of ingredients depending on your preference.

I used coconut oil instead of butter, and I used honey and stevia for the sweetening. I also had to pretty much double the cooking time as the raw cake mixture is quite liquid.

I'd take a photo of it for you, but my iPhone has taken a walk and I can't find it**. When I do find it, I will post up a picture of the cake. But to describe it, it is very dark, and flattish, and I cooked it in a larger cake tin than I was meant to.

And as today, my beautiful child has had a gastric incident, I might just eat chocolate cake (for the sake of research) instead of cooking dinner. And I am very hungry so I don't expect the cake to last long. 

If you make the cake let me know how you went. Perhaps I did something wrong in the mixing to make it so liquid? Not sure.
**By the same token, today's photo bomb will be delayed as the pictures I took are on my phone. *sigh* the one time I did my pictures early.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Photo bomb - Feb 3 2013

34/365 - Buddy
34/365 - Honey (rocking some ink like her uncles)
SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH 'E': Elevated! The playground at the White Hills Botanical Gardens is deceptively tricky to get down from.

Photo bomb - Feb 2 2013

3/365 - Buddy
3/365 - Honey (and Seahorse)
PATTERN: The pattern that the water makes on my shower screen. Abstract can be a pattern you know...

Friday, February 01, 2013

Photo bomb - Feb 1 2013

32/365 - Buddy
32/365 - Honey

FORK: Honey's fork which is much much cooler than my cutlery (albeit, perhaps a little suggestive?)



I have finally found some time in my busy schedule to catch up on my photo bombs.

And without further adieu, lets jump into the DeLorean to travel back to January 30 2013...