Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 31 2013

31/365 - Buddy
My pants say I'm a party boy, but my shirt says I mean business.
31/365 - Honey
YOURSELF: This is what happens when you have kids. Not really. This is my axe scar**. I don't know how many times I had to explain it to the doctors what it was when Honey and Buddy were baking.
**It's not really a scar from an axe wound.

I'm still here you know

I know what you're thinking.

That I've given up taking photos!

Nope, I'm still taking photos, but between the trainers at the gym trying to kill me by jumping squats and planks and a terrible, terrible thing called a Max Body Burnout; Buddy Boy having an extended grumpy period where he either has to be looking at me, held by me or hanging off me; and starting a new diet (gastronomical reign of terror which may leave The Man transparent), I haven't had enough time to post up the photos I've taken. Also I've been googling lots so the pics I've taken on my iPhone are still on my iPhone because the battery has died, and did I mention I've been so busy? By the end of the day I've been too wrecked to find the charger.

But now I know at least three people see my blog because they've asked me where my photos are (including The Man when I haven't even made him look at my blog - promise!)

And the answer to that question - where are the photos is - they're coming.


I want you to notice that I put exactly $20 of petrol into the car WITHOUT using the preset amount.
I know, I am the ninja of petrol pumping.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 30 2013

Welcome everyone to the latest photo bomb - and a special welcome to those visiting from February 2013...
30/365 - Buddy
30/365 - Honey
DOWN: The view from DOWN the bottom of the GPO, DOWN Pall Mall in DOWNtown Bendigo.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 29 2013

29/265 - Buddy
29/365 - Honey (and her favourite brother)
GROW: My front garden, including my fern that I feed banana skins to every week (it's a thing!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 28 2013

28/365 - Buddy

28/365 - Honey (times infinity)

THROUGH: Looking through the security door to the side that Honey was not meant to be on.

Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Honey, Buddy, The Man and I have just gotten home from the Eppalock Open Air Cinema where we saw 'Wreck-It Ralph'...

How cool is this movie?

I grew up having very VERY little experience of gaming - I think I played the odd game of Donkey Kong or Pokemon on a Gameboy, I think I played Tetris once or twice on a friends Nintendo, and Pacman once.

As a result I am very devoid of any gaming knowledge, which might have helped with watching this movie, but it didn't matter.

Was thrilled that Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock), Cal Naughton Jnr. (Talledega Nights), Sue Sylvester (Glee) and Ned Schneebly's annoying girlfriend (School of Rock) all had roles in it.

*Aware that all these are characters on TV and movies, but, er, I don't go 'Wow bazinga! That is John C.Reilly! No. I think 'WOOO! It's Cal Naughton Jnr!' There you go, a little bit of insight into my viewing habits - I like funny.

So it is quite amusing that I am married to an epic gaming enthusiast. Between him and his brothers, I think they have every gaming console known to man, and they know how to play them all. OK, maybe not ALL consoles known to man, but a lot, and to someone who was giddy when she bought a Nintendo Wii when she was 26, their collection of games and consoles is impressive.

But back to the movie - it was so so good! It was funny, it had grown up jokes for the parents (oh God, yes I am a parent, and this is the type of film made for me to take Honey to) while being entertaining for the little people.

And I am not sure what the rules are for the Eppalock Cinema, but we took Dominos in with us, and ate them while we watched the film. It was chilly because a cold breeze was coming off the lake (also because I had significant exposure of skin surface due to Buddy also wanting to chow down during the film. Honey just settled for squirming on The Man's lap for most of the time, except for a brief musical interlude in the first part of the film where she started dancing.

And it's a Disney movie! There was a short cartoon. The Paperman, that preceded the main film which was quite cute, and if I saw THAT without anything else, I'd probably know it was a Disney animation, but if I had have just seen the main film, I probably wouldn't have known.

But in short, it was a fantastic movie, and I loved it.

Four and a half stars.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 27 2013

27/365 - Buddy (and Uncle Bluey)
27/365 - Honey
SUN: The sun peeking over the roof of my house. Heaps of colours, but not yellow?

Photo bomb - Jan 26 2013

26/365 - Buddy - Happy Australia Day!
26/365 - Honey
TOGETHER: We call Honey a 'goat' when she does something silly. This picture shows all the goats at Lake Weeroona in onse spot.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 25 2013

25/365 - Buddy

25/365 - Honey
Hey Mum, I can do my seat belt myself. You can go away now.

LANDSCAPE: The 'quiet' side of Lake Weeroona in Bendigo when all the classic cars had left after the Australia Day celebrations.
YES! I took this picture a day late. Sorry (not really).

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "bird"

It seems that the bird that was flying around my house was not in fact a bird at all.

This is what I *thought* I saw flying through my loungeroom, scaring the bejeebers out of me and hiding in the wall of my house:

A cute little sparrow

But really, this is what was swooping all over the place, which was evicted by The Man in the early hours of this morning when I was asleep:

A freaking microbat!

Wow! I only wish The Man had of taken a photo of it before he shoofed it outside.

Oh well. Next time maybe. And maybe we should put the cover up over the vent in Honey's room to prevent another vampirical home invader?

Photo bomb - Jan 24 2013

24/365 - Buddy

24/365 - Honey
STRIPES: This picture shows how interesting things can look when you photograph them from an unusual angle.
What do you think this object is?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 23 2013

I'm really tired today (see my previous post) so it is just lucky that The Man has thrown the laptop in front of me to post photos because otherwise I'd be sleeping right now.

And here we go:

Oh, before I post the photos, I am trying to think of a theme for Buddy's February photos. I have one for Honey, but I need a theme that is easy enough to use with Buddy Boy. If you can think of something, mention it in the comments.

OK, now let's look at today's photos:

23/365 - Buddy

23/365 - Honey

ELECTRIC: This is the fusebox/powerboard where the electricity for my house comes from.
I don't really know how fuseboxes work.

Ignore responsibilities - lie on floor

So last night.

Once I signed off the internet after posting yesterday's photo bomb, I planned to go to bed, sleep restfully until 5:30am and then get up to go to the gym for the first time this week.

So didn't happen.

While I was editing photos and posting blogs about The Man and such, I was drinking most of a 2L bottle of Coca Cola, so when I went to bed at 11:10pm I was super-hyperactive and wasn't going to sleep any time soon.

And as I said yesterday there was a bird flying around my house, so before I went to bed, The Man waited outside while I searched for the bird to shoo it out of the house. I couldn't find it, so the bird is still in here, which is apparently really unlucky.

So then I went to bed, and then The Man went to bed, and the bird came swooping around my room, which gave me a surprise and banished any hope I had to going to sleep right at that moment.

Then The Man DID go to sleep and I kept hearing the bird tweeting at me, and went on a search for where it was hiding. I've discovered that the bird probably got into the house through a vent in the roof which needs to be replaced, but has not as yet. Now it is sitting in between the walls next to The Man's side of the bed and keeps mocking me. I figure it has gotten in there easily enough, so it can get itself out. I *think* the bottoms of the walls open up to underneath the house. I don't know. While it is tweeting at me, I assume it's fine. If it got from the wall in one room to a wall in another room, I assume it can get around easily enough.

Anyway. The caffiene hyperactivity wore off at about 2am and then I went to sleep, still aiming to be up for the gym and to have a little snooze afterwards.

4am. Buddy woke up. He never wakes up at 4am. Ever! Wanted his backside changed and something to eat.

Went back to sleep at 4:30am, and the next thing I knew Buddy was awake again, and The Man had gotten up for work. Which meant that I had slept through the window of opportunity to go to the gym.

Not that I would have had much fun as I feel as bright as... as bright as... I don't know. I am just knackered really.

Both midgets are sleeping and I should as well, but if I go to sleep, I am sure the two of them will wake up about a second after I close my eyes and really, why bother teasing myself with the idea of a lie down and a rest?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 22 2013

22/365 - Buddy
22/365 - Honey
CORNER: The corner of my house.
I thought I was so clever to get the bottom in focus and the upper part blurry.
I don't have very good photography terminology yet.

Romantical efforts

There once was a time when if I played the song from our first dance at our wedding reception, that The Man would dance with me, or even acknowledge that it is our first dance song.

Just then I played the YouTube video of our song:

And this is the reaction/acknowledgement that I got from The Man:
Me: What are you playing?
TM: Castlevania - the second game on the disc.
Me: Hooray! *note the sarcasm*
And he knows I played the song because I was ranting at him that YouTube was making my speakers too quiet before I figured out what had happened - I'd turned the sound down because I was tired of watching this video which features The Man's man-crush and has been bookmarked on the computer:

Unromantic douche.

So I've played it again. He's torn himself away from this:
and is now watching this:

Me: Who is playing?
TM: Djokovich and Berdych. The battle of the 'itch'
Me: Right.
Ha. So I give up. Unromantic douche.

PS: There is a bird in my house and The Man wrapped a towel around his head to avoid it as he is not happy friends with birds.

Apparently all birds are angry.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 21 2013

21/365 - Buddy
21/365 - Honey
In my uber secret photo group, we were challenged to do something we hadn't done before photo-wise and I tried to put a photo onto a cartoon background and not make it look dodgy. I achieved half of my objective.

WHAT YOU DO: I like to make sure the number of each flavour Lindt ball in the box of Lindt ball box remains equal. This means I need to eat any Lindt balls that throw out the equality of the box.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo bomb - Jan 20 2013

20/365 - Buddy
20/365 - Honey

SOMETHING I SAW TODAY: My new book that will hopefully teach me how to take photos with my dSLR camera (already learnt that its little 'd' not a capital D)