Friday, April 04, 2014

Photo bomb - April 4 2014

Today is my cousin's birthday.
Happy birthday CN!
Tonight we had a pick pick (Honey-ese for picnic) tea in the loungeroom. Fish and chips go really well together, and clean up was easy peasy because I released the pups and they ate all the dregs.

Since The Man and I got together, AFL has been a bone of contention. I support the Blues, The Man barracks for the Hawks, but comes from one-eyed Magpie supporters.
When Honey was baking, I was so sure that she'd be a boy that I told The Man that If she was a girl, she could barrack for the Hawks.
When Buddy was on the way, I was smarter. I said that he could barrack for the Hawks IF he decided to be born on Grand Final Day (a couple of weeks before his due date) AND if Hawthorn won the Grand Final (which I think they did?). I even said we could name Buddy after Buddy Franklin.
Lucky because now he's quit the Hawks and become a Swan.
Anyway, as a result, after giving the forces that be multiple opportunities, Buddy is a Blue Boy.

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