Sunday, December 30, 2012

First up

In disguise and before my
children aged me terribly.
Was just thinking before, how twenty, or even ten years ago I wouldn't have had the internet presence that I have now.

I mean, I have blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, accounts on a heap of forums and all these opportunities to talk about all sorts of topics - some of these topics I know a lot about, some I know a little and some I pretend to be an expert on for my own amusement (hey, I have to make my own fun you know).

Anyway, this is my newest blog, created especially for New Years Eve 2012 (or is it NYE 2013, because the new year is 2013, but it specifically says 'eve' which means before the new year?). I've already got a blog that I started way back when I was a student and hadn't met The Husband/FOMC and now reading over my old blog, it's kinda whiny, so here is a fresh new one that includes my little treasures as well as properly including FOMC. If you want to read my old blog, it can be found here.

About me
I'm 30-something years old, a mother to two little people (hence the name of this blog), married (but only just), occasional marketeer and passionate about literacy (and I try really hard to use correct grammar and spelling and I blame my occasional slips on 'baby brain' because it's a real thing) and learning in general. I like to use brackets in my writing because I learnt in primary school that extra information should be in the brackets and you should be able to read whatever the writing is without the brackets and it still makes sense.

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