Monday, December 31, 2012

Wigory party

I got one of those voice to text messages after work yesterday from The Man:
Who's Carlo?
I googled and 'haji' is a title given to people of the Muslim faith who've made a pilgrimage to Mecca.
I've never been outside Australia, so not sure who that message was for (and not aware of The Man having any friends called Carlo) I rang to get a translation.

**Recently I changed the language of my iPhone to Irish English, so that it could speak to me in an Irish albeit female accent which is cooler than the Austrayan (sp) that it was set on, so not sure if my phone was listening to The Man in Irish. I don't know.
Also, did you know you can make your phone speak to you? The first thing I made it say was 'diddly dee potato.

When I spoke to The Man, I asked him what a wigory party was. Incidently, Wigory is the Twitter account of a bloke called Alfred Wickop and also the name of someone who does something with GPSs. Perhaps the same person?

Well there seemed to be a wild party happening in the background and The Man told me that they were having a Wiggly Party* (part of the very full on busy day that they had yesterday) and that Honey's new favourite song to dance to is Architecture in Helsinki's cover of Wiggly Party by the Wiggles:

She has very eclectic taste in music. Even now as the YouTube video is playing she is dancing like a demon to it.

And after that 'Wiggly Party' was stuck in my head and I kept singing the falsetto part to my Mum, much to her confused bemusement.

*Anyone else think that an adult man talking about a wiggly party brings up hilarious mental images? Just me? OK.

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