Monday, February 04, 2013

Making things: Healthy Chocolate Cake

So as you know (or might not), I have been going to the gym.

To boot I have decided to start eating a 12WBT-ish diet which basically means I have googled a tonne of low-carb meals to eat. It means a lot of cooking, and I'm taking The Man along for the ride, but so far so good.


In the last week since I pretty much gave up Coke, potatoes and bread cold turkey, I have been waking up in the night dying for a sugar hit. It's madness! I wake up and creep around the house looking for chocolate or lollies or whatever I can get my sticky fingers on. In the morning The Man identifies what I've been nibbling on because I've left morsels of it everywhere. Ooops.

So I googled a recipe for a chocolate cake that was weight-loss friendly, and found this recipe for a chocolate cake at Healthy Indulgences.

I'll let you look at it, but it has a very surprising ingredient in it, that I had heaps of in my cupboard but never in my wildest imagination associated with chocolate cake.

It's a bit of a Choose Your Own Adventure recipe, with alternative combinations of ingredients depending on your preference.

I used coconut oil instead of butter, and I used honey and stevia for the sweetening. I also had to pretty much double the cooking time as the raw cake mixture is quite liquid.

I'd take a photo of it for you, but my iPhone has taken a walk and I can't find it**. When I do find it, I will post up a picture of the cake. But to describe it, it is very dark, and flattish, and I cooked it in a larger cake tin than I was meant to.

And as today, my beautiful child has had a gastric incident, I might just eat chocolate cake (for the sake of research) instead of cooking dinner. And I am very hungry so I don't expect the cake to last long. 

If you make the cake let me know how you went. Perhaps I did something wrong in the mixing to make it so liquid? Not sure.
**By the same token, today's photo bomb will be delayed as the pictures I took are on my phone. *sigh* the one time I did my pictures early.

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