Friday, March 22, 2013

Here I am.

I suck at keeping up with this blog, don't I?

I mean, who'd have thunk chasing a toddler and a baby (who thinks he's a toddler too) plus going to uni plus working plus all of Honey's activities would leave me with so little free time?!

I mean, really!

(As a distraction, here is a video from YouTube that is so stupid that I love it. Its in no way a comment on my likihood to post more FMS photos. But it IS about a photo so perhaps its apt?)

Anyway today we're car-less because The Man has gone to work with it so we're chilling at home. Maybe later we'll bus it into town and look in the shops. Right now Honey is engrossed in The Wiggles and my teenager (Buddy) is eating which is what he does lately.

I've slacked off on the Fat Mum Slim photos but I've put all the prompts in my phone (which has a camera on it) so really I've got no excuse to not take the photos. I'm sure though that I'll find an excuse. That's what I do.

So in theory, there will be some FMS photos this afternoon! Don't hold your breath though.


  1. Hello fellow blogger, I'm visiting from kitsunenomad. Wishing you many happy experiences with that whacky family of yours.

    Best wishes and keep watching the skies.

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