Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

For lots of reasons, 2015 was terribly sucky for me.
It wasn't a case of me being negative - it just sucky and there was really nothing that I could have done to reduce it's suckiness - no positive thinking, no lifestyle changes, nothing like that, I seemed to be under a huge cloud of bad luck, and it made everything else seem much worse than it really was, and to say that I just need to put a positive spin on 2015 really doesn't help. Some of the things that
happened just can't be made positive.
I have decided to try my best to turn everything around and to make 2016 as happy as possible.
There's lots of things I want to do.
As I've already told you, I am doing the 100 Happy Days challenge, where I take photos of things that make me happy - you can see these photos in the top right corner of this blog.
I am also going to try to do FMS Photo A Day, and Honey is going to 'help' me. Sometimes this is her posing for photos, and sometimes it is her having a go at taking the photos.
Another thing I am going to do is to dial back my incessant need to be busy doing something. Honey is off to school, and it will be the first time ever since he was born that Buddy will have his mum to himself, so I have to try my hardest to just be around to be a mum.
So as I've said before, I am not doing new year's resolutions, because a: last year, I failed miserably, and b: I suck at new year's resolutions in general, but I AM going to try my hardest to make 2016 as bright and happy as possible.
Do you have any New Year resolutions? Are you going to for-go the resolutions for this year?

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