Thursday, December 31, 2015


Yesterday we welcomed a new family member to our home.
He (I think he is a boy) is six years old, and has taken up residence in my driveway, He is a huge unit, drinks like a fish, is very powerful, and is a ginger to boot.
I've named him the BRC (Big Red Car - it's a Wiggles thing) and we took him for a drive to New South Wales.
Honey, Buddy, The Man and I all love him, and the kids and The Man have all told me the many ways that they are going to take care of him, like NO FOOD and NO DRINKS and NO SHOES ON THE SEATS.
I am going to look after him by sticking to the speed limit when the other cars try to hurry me along on the highway.
And for those technically minded, the BRC is a 2009 Ford Territory, which seats 7 people, which is going to be fantastic when I need to separate Buddy and Honey when they declare war on each other.

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