Friday, December 20, 2013

Photobomb - Dec 20 2013 (it's a big 'un)

OK then.
I'm catching up.
 MOVEMENT: This man never stops moving. And he's so quiet while he does it. He really is a ninja.
 1 O'CLOCK: At 1pm at work I was ready to break out the lollies. They didn't last long.
 SURPRISE: What surprises does the owner of this belly have in store. It's a mystery?
 SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE: I do not like pasta meals. I do not like them at all, and when I was presented with this meal, I threw a hissy fit and refused to eat it.
 3 O'CLOCK: At 3pm I should have probably refilled the poppies at work, but I figured the basket looked full enough.
 FEAR: This is a very real fear of mine. This car space is right next to the pedestrian walk way, and the owner of this car reversed into it backwards faster than I'd drive into it forwards (and I am a mad driver).
I took this photo just after I thought this car was going to hit the car next to it (and my car too). Then today I was arguing with Honey about holding my hand across the pedestrian crossing, which is just to the right of where I took this picture, and an over-keen driver in a Toorak tractor almost hit Honey as the driver was racing into the car spot near the entrance to the shopping centre. If I hadn't grabbed Honey's hand and she had have moved to where she wanted to go, she'd be Honey mincemeat right now.
And sorry about the sermon, but I am afraid of idiot drivers.
 9 O'CLOCK: Needed medicine because I was having an allergic reaction to KFC. This place 'opens at 9am'. It turns out that it does not.
UPSIDE DOWN: The prompt says it all. Buddy was having a great time hanging around with his Poppy
 MIRROR: We were waiting for Honey to go to the tiny toilet, and Buddy was checking out the bloke in the mirror. I love this picture because he looks like he is thinking 'Who do you think you're looking at?'
 WATER: The water fountain near my work.
 MAILBOX: This Australia Post letterbox looks a bit vintage, and is located somewhere near the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo. I think it's in Forest Street?
7 O'CLOCK: This is one of the stations along the train line to Melbourne. Once upon a time I was getting the train home from work and the peak hour carriage was full. The train stopped here and all of a sudden a man said that someone had left their bag behind and then bowled it underarm off the carriage and onto the platform. Five minutes after we left the station, one of the other passengers asked where her shopping bag had gone.
It was funny, but the passenger whose shopping was gone was not so happy.
11 O'CLOCK: At work again. It was time to take my 11am photo and I banged my head on this trolley. I'm not even sure how I did it.
 RED, WHITE OR BLUE: And a bit of green for good measure. I took this photo on Pearl Harbor Day so I had hoped to get something USA-related but it was not to be.
 WHERE YOU ARE: This is where I am most weekends.
 MACRO: A close up of the crocheted flowers that have sprung up on the Shrine Reserve.
 2 O'CLOCK: These gentlemen were only too happy to have their photo taken.
 4 O'CLOCK: My lovely friend Elvie. She didn't like this picture, but I think its great.
MADE ME SMILE: I got off the train at Flinders Street, and all I could hear was Christmas carols. It was the first time I'd heard carols (other than Michael Buble on the supermarket sound system) and it made me smile.
10 O'CLOCK: Someone delievered these flowers and asked me did I know who they were for. Poor Mr Baillieu seems to have already fallen out of people's memories.
 8 O'CLOCK: The view from up the top of the escalators at Southern Cross Railway Station.
 BELOW: This photo was taken from well below the Christmas tree in the middle of the city.
 TREAT: Nutella is a treat, right? Especially for someone like me who lives in a Nutella-free house.
 5 O'CLOCK: I was ready to escape. I *think* I tidied the desk before I went. I can't remember.
WHERE YOU ATE BREAKFAST: I usually have my breakfast here. And I always eat the same thing.
 COMMUNICATION: We couldn't leave the doctor's waiting room until Honey had spoken to Gran on the phone.
 QUIRKY: Taken at the Echuca Wharf. It is quite quirky, yes?
 NO!: Honey's favourite word. Just after this photo was taken she yelled at me 'NO!' which is pretty much the sum total of what she says to me these days.
 6 O'CLOCK: One of the stations along the Lilydale line. If you look closely you can see that someone has tagged the window. That is how good my new camera phone is.
 SHADOW: My big man Buddy was quite excited to pose for my shadow photo. He crawls like the wind so it was a bit tricky getting all of him and his shadow in the shot.
 I SHOP HERE: I took this photo two weeks ago (is that how long its been since I've posted pictures?) at the Beechworth Bakery in Echuca.
 THIS IS THE WEATHER TODAY: Warm enough for a summer dress and things, but wet enough for puddles. Ridiculous weather - December needs to get itself in order.
 R IS FOR...: Riverboats. Or river. Or redgums. I took this photo on the morning I popped up to Echuca for a visit.
 GREEN: This is on Melbourne's Southbank. I'm pretty sure it used to be at the Art Gallery. Or maybe it wasn't...
 JOY IS...: Hanging out with my favourite lady, Honey.
COMPOSITION: I seem to have a lot of nail polish. It looked so good after putting them on the shelf that they now live there.

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