Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Photobomb - Dec 4 2013

TINY: These feet belong to the gorgeous Miss J, who is the little sister of Honey's bestie. So so tiny (especially compared to my huge Buddy boy)

 I DID THIS TODAY: Took the little people to Tumble Tots where Honey played with her bestie and Buddy felt rejected because I was all about cuddling Miss J (see the above photo)

 KITCHEN: I could have tidied it up, but it is what it is.

 MY NAME BEGINS WITH...: M. Well, not it doesn't really. But the name I am most frequently called by is Mum (or MUUUUUUUUM, or MAMAMAMAMA) and so here we have an M. But it's not really a letter M. It's the Big W sign upside down, but this is also apt because I spend half my life in this store, and it's upside down, which is how I feel being in this store during the Christmas period.

 WHAT IS THIS?: I bought this today. My mum had one for years (and probably still does have it). I was so excited to find one, and pleasantly surprised to see it was cheaper to buy than I thought. Hint: the first thing I used it for was dim sims.

 EARTH: This is planet Earth. Its one of many in the 'dinosaur shop' at the shopping centre. You can also get them in pink - because really, its a Barbie World.

 SHOES: 'Monkey shoes!' shrieked Honey when she saw these. She is an enormous fan of Paul Frank and she wears his range of 'monkey knickers'.

 WHERE YOU STOOD: Buddy boy is very busy lately pulling himself up on things, something that Honey didn't do until she was much older. He'll be walking soon. Eeek.

SOMETHING YELLOW: Buddy would eat these all day every day if he could. Shortly after this picture was taken, these bananas were gone.

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