Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Visiting the neighbours

This is Daniel Tiger. He also likes exploring his neighbourhood.
I used to have another blog and from time to time I'd visit my neighbour blogs (if you look at the top of the screen there is a link to Next blog>> and I'd go from there.
Mmmm hmmm.
So let's see who else is in the neighbourhood - and we can leave them a comment here and there too to wish them a Happy New Year.

So I am walking out my virtual driveway and walk towards the... right.
*knocking on the door*

It's The Same Deep Water As You.
It has a tool down the side with tweets. I have got to get me one of those.
It seems to be about music. About The Cure in particular. The Man would probably like this page.
Oh. But it's in Spanish. I don't know Spanish. If Honey could read I am sure she could translate it for me thanks to Dora The Explorer, but she is at kinder today.
I think I'll leave a comment and then visit someone else.

*hops over the fence*

And here we find Lots O Worms.
It seems to be about knitting.
She has also written a post about 'Resolutionists' - fantastic. The link is right here.
But she hasn't posted for a while, so I might head to the house next door.
But first I'll leave a message for her...

*crosses the road*

Here is My Life - which appears to be a family blog. Lots of links to other family blogs down the side.
The most recent post is about a pup called Dundee who had passed away.
I don't think I should comment on that.
Maybe leave them in peace and go to the next blog.

This is an o-l-d blog from 2011 called Cup O'Cake Designs. Lots of crafty baby gift things. The skull and crossbones here is pretty cool.

One more blog before I go home for lunch...

Ang Grams. The top post says that she has hidden this blog. Kind of like redirected mail I suppose. Anyway, I found it. It hasn't been posted on since 2010. Maybe I won't leave a message because it might be a bit weird to get a comment from a post you posted three years earlier.

Right - I'm going home to ninjamidgets now. And I suppose I better do some work.

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