Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Food confusion

So you may have noticed via my ramblings that I dabble in roller derby.
Well, currently I'm doing Freshmeat training and a few weeks ago they did Level 1 testing, and soon they are doing Level 2 testing.
Since I began derby training I have tried and tried to pass the Level 1 test, which is pretty much a safety test to make sure you can stay upright on skates. On my last try, I failed by .3 of a point. GAH!
Anyway, Level 2 testing is coming at me (all the Freshies are doing it) and there is a fitness component and I'm not really fit so have been practicing push-ups and sit-ups and planks and stuff.
Then I thought, how easy would this planking business be if I weighed less? And I've been googling weight-loss plans and recipes. And I'm totally baffled. One page says more veggies, another says no grains, then there's things like 12WBT and Weight Watchers and Lite N Easy, and the overriding concerns for me are the following:
1. I am poor, and no matter how much I want to lose weight, I can't afford to pay for the privilege.
2. I have a husband who does not need to lose weight.
3. I have children who need all the food groups
4. I am essentially lazy and I like having dinner cooked quickly with minimal mess as I don't like cleaning up afterwards.
So after asking lots of people what I should do and getting lots of answers, I've decided to try everything (I am probably setting myself up for failure).
But anyway - here we go with my first healthy meal option:

Two Ingredient Wholemeal Pizza Dough (makes a large pizza that serves 4)
(Lose Baby Weight)
  • 1 cup wholemeal self-raising flour
  • 1 cup natural or Greek yogurt (I used Pauls Natural Yogurt as it had half the kilojoules of the Greek yogurt)
  1. Mix together in a bowl.
  2. Knead with your hands until it's springy when you poke it.
  3. Roll out with a floured rolling pin.
  4. Top with tasty ingredients.
  5. Bake in a moderate oven until cooked.
My toppings were tomato paste, mushrooms, red onion and cheese.

Was this meal cheap? Yes. The ingredients worked out to cost about $3-$4.
Was this meal quick to prepare? Pretty much - because the base is just flour and yogurt, I reckon I could prepare a bulk batch of bases and freeze them for whenever I want to make pizza.
Was this meal tasty? It wasn't bad. Perhaps I could have put more toppings on the base, or used some Italian herbs (The Man loves Italian herbs) for more flavour.
Would my family eat this? Probably. The Man would probably supercharge it with toppings - the midgets however like picking toppings off pizza so they'd probably would be just as happy with a bowl of pizza topping and we could forget about the base.

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