Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photo bomb - Feb 19 2014

Feb 19 - FEET
This is Honey's left foot*. When she was born, she had a positional talipes calcaneus:
Positional: It was muscular and caused by the way she was squished while she was cooking.
I had something called IUGR which means she was too squashed when she was in my belly.
Talipes: It is a type of club foot - but not the type you generally see with the person's foot turned into the middle
Calcaneus: It involved the muscles in her heel.

Honey's foot was just like the one in the middle of the top row. We called it her 'duck foot'.
Thankfully because the cause (being mashed up in utero) was removed, her foot eventually relaxed and now if you didn't know that she had a club foot, you couldn't tell now, although her health nurse said she'd never be an Olympic sprinter. Pfft. Like I could afford to send her all over the globe as an athlete.

I realised after posting this photo that I had photographed the wrong foot. Meh.

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