Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo bomb - Feb 28 2014

February 28 - REFLECTION
Today was Red Balloon Day in Victoria (or Australia - not sure), a day to remember and pay tribute to the emergency services who volunteer their time to protect their communities during fire season.
I spent all day trying to think of a 'reflection' photo for the prompt, and finally just before it went dark I drove around Bendigo looking for a red balloon that had survived the day to take a picture of.
This was not my first balloon. I found one in town and took it home when I pulled into the driveway saw that it had duct tape on it, so tried to peel it off gently and it popped. So then I went out again and found this balloon tied to the fence at BUPA in Holdsworth Road.
Less a photographic technique, I used an app on my iPad to make the red really vivid.

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