Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo bomb - Feb 21 2014

Feb 21 - FUNNY
I've been going to roller derby training a lot lately and I've used up all my 'exercise clothes' (aka clothes that I don't care if they get manky and ruined by falling over in them and rubbing them all over the floor).
Tonight I went to the last of a series of self defence classes and I'd run out of shorts to wear, so I borrowed The Man's swimming shorts which have been with him since before we'd even met. The Man is skinnier than I. Halfway through the session I was thinking how the pants felt more roomy and how somehow I must have dropped a few kilos off my backside during the training session. Then someone said that my pants had torn a bit, and they just got worse and worse as the session continued.
The instructor asked me if they were likely to fall off. I decided that if they did decide to fall off, I'd go home wrapped in one of the flags that were hanging in the training hall.
It was very lucky that I was wearing my too-big roller derby shirt as it sort of disguised my gleaming white leg that was hanging out of my pants.

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