Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Honey, Buddy, The Man and I have just gotten home from the Eppalock Open Air Cinema where we saw 'Wreck-It Ralph'...

How cool is this movie?

I grew up having very VERY little experience of gaming - I think I played the odd game of Donkey Kong or Pokemon on a Gameboy, I think I played Tetris once or twice on a friends Nintendo, and Pacman once.

As a result I am very devoid of any gaming knowledge, which might have helped with watching this movie, but it didn't matter.

Was thrilled that Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock), Cal Naughton Jnr. (Talledega Nights), Sue Sylvester (Glee) and Ned Schneebly's annoying girlfriend (School of Rock) all had roles in it.

*Aware that all these are characters on TV and movies, but, er, I don't go 'Wow bazinga! That is John C.Reilly! No. I think 'WOOO! It's Cal Naughton Jnr!' There you go, a little bit of insight into my viewing habits - I like funny.

So it is quite amusing that I am married to an epic gaming enthusiast. Between him and his brothers, I think they have every gaming console known to man, and they know how to play them all. OK, maybe not ALL consoles known to man, but a lot, and to someone who was giddy when she bought a Nintendo Wii when she was 26, their collection of games and consoles is impressive.

But back to the movie - it was so so good! It was funny, it had grown up jokes for the parents (oh God, yes I am a parent, and this is the type of film made for me to take Honey to) while being entertaining for the little people.

And I am not sure what the rules are for the Eppalock Cinema, but we took Dominos in with us, and ate them while we watched the film. It was chilly because a cold breeze was coming off the lake (also because I had significant exposure of skin surface due to Buddy also wanting to chow down during the film. Honey just settled for squirming on The Man's lap for most of the time, except for a brief musical interlude in the first part of the film where she started dancing.

And it's a Disney movie! There was a short cartoon. The Paperman, that preceded the main film which was quite cute, and if I saw THAT without anything else, I'd probably know it was a Disney animation, but if I had have just seen the main film, I probably wouldn't have known.

But in short, it was a fantastic movie, and I loved it.

Four and a half stars.


  1. Eppalock Cinema is great, always a good time.

    1. Except for when the shop closes before the movie starts and I can't get a Splice.