Saturday, January 11, 2014

How are the resolutions going?

Well, I am glad you asked.
I have not sipped a drop of Coca Cola since December 31 (yay!). I have been fairly good with the not eating of crappy foods. It all depends who you ask. The Man allowed me to have FOUR Lindt balls each night, seeing as he bought me a tonne of them for Christmas and it seemed quite wasteful for him to eat them instead. I had grilled fish and chips in the park with The Man and the midget ninjas, and yesterday I had a chicken teriyaki sub because we were out and about and I forgot to eat lunch before we left home.
I've eaten porridge EVERY MORNING this year, which makes me hungry. So hungry. And vegies for most lunches. And my poor family are being forced to come along on my healthy eating safari.
So yes, although I am not posting about it daily, I am still trying to eat the right things and drinking so much water that its ridiculous.

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