Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day "Holiday"

My name is Ninja Mummy and its been 27 days since I've felt the sweet embrace of Coca Cola.
It's been a hard journey, but it's getting easier every day.
I've been substituting Coca Cola with Pepsi, but as they taste completely different, it's just not the same. Not bad, but it's like coffee and tea, you either like one or the other.
Coca Cola is everywhere.
Yesterday at the Australia Day celebrations in Melbourne I forgot to take a drink and my only options to buy a drink (without having to walk forever) was Pepsi (which I'm not wild about as you'd have gathered), Fanta, Solo and the old favourite Coke (or water, but water gets a bit boring sometimes all the time) I ended up doing a walk-past by all the food vans until I found a can of Sprite. Then I topped up my empty can with someone else's lemon mineral water.
Today I did the food shopping while the midgets stayed at home with The Man. I came home to Honey in just her knickers and Buddy trying to scoot in his wagon. Right now Honey is wearing my glasses pretending to be me (Look at me, I'm Mummy) and Buddy is climbing me and blowing raspberries on me.

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