Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fat Mum Slim: What on earth am I doing?

So you may have noticed that I have been flooding* this blog# with pictures with strange captions like 'looking down' or 'upside down' or 'manmade' and what have you.
Well, I am participating in the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge where each day is given a prompt and it is my job (and the job of the other 10,000-odd participants) to provide a photo that fits in what that prompt. For example, today is 'colourful' and I am currently busy busy making something colourful to photograph. Last week one of the prompts was 'natural' and I had a case of the CBFs that day and I just put up a photo that I took in New Zealand last year (did I tell you blogosphere that I went to NZ? Well, I did - midget-free. It was awesome).
I suppose my goal, now that I don't have a fresh-baked baby to distract me and to take up all my time (gawsh!) is to do the whole year, but I am just beginning with January to see how we go.
Fingers crossed I will manage to do all of 2014, but if not, it will be for a good reason like I have scored myself a job teaching.

Photos. So many photos to take and I have such little photographical talent to display.
So come back and look at the from time to time. I have tagged all the FMSPAD photos with the label photobomb, so click on that.
Looking forward to sharing more of my photos with you, especially today's which has required a bit of preparation and the assistance of Honey, and is not even finished yet and it's *checks the clock* 5pm?!?! WHERE DID THE DAY GO?
I must dash - but later tonight you'll see mine and Honey's handiwork.

*flooding - I've been posting a single photo a day, so maybe it's not 'flooding' per say
#doesn't matter anyway because no one follows this blog and it's not like I'm making you look at it (but please, please do look at it)

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