Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's all too hard! (An essay about taking a photo)

I'm really interested in this photography caper.
Today's Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day prompt is 'blue' and I'm frantically googling photography tutorials to find out how to do special effects just for something different, because I could take a picture of something blue but that seems too easy, you know? And I do enjoy making life hard for myself (and I love competing in my own private game of one-up-manship*)
Today the little people are at daycare and I should be catching up on housework and making some sort of plan for the 2014 school year, but I'm on this here blog spending too much time wondering how to do my photo prompt.
Could I take a photo of something not blue and and change the colour? I did that last year for the prompt 'heart':
Except, the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo is brown and I made it red. And most of the trees red too, except for that purple one at the front. If you're interested, I did it with Photofiltre which is like Photoshop except free. I like it. I think they have updated it so you can do layers in your images, but I like the oldschool version which I've figured out how to use. I've managed to do some pretty awesome effects with it, even an attempt at blue-screen (or green screen?):
I took the photo of Honey in my bedroom standing on my bedhead against the wall. My bedroom wall is pretty much grey (such an attractive colour) so it worked well.
Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do for the prompt? Some days I like to be all creative and think outside the box for my photos (like this photo I took for 'SUN' and some days I take the prompt very literally like this one for 'FORK'.)
Well, I've procrastinated enough. I suppose I now need to do something productive with my day. Tune in later to see what I decided to do for my photo.

*I don't even think that's a real word

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