Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014: The Year of the Dragon

So I do roller derby.
Do you know what that is?
If you don't, think a cross between rugby and ballet on roller skates. Drew Barrymore made a movie about it starring Juno. Lots of cool people in Bendigo and surrounds do it.
(Other derby enthusiasts might have a better way of describing it than me, but its very graceful, very tough and it's all done on quad skates). You have to have respect for anyone who does it well. And those who do do it well get awesome derby names like Smashley Simpson* and Babe Ruthless* and Maggie Mayhem*.
I am what's called freshmeat which means I'm at the bottom level of training which means when I do go to training (I've slacked a bit since Honey was in hospital and then I was trying to finish uni) I usually watch the other girls and boys zoom past me because I'm a wee bit uncoordinated and I get frustrated with the stuff I can't do
I am very very gradually getting better.
My league, Dragon City Derby Dolls are having a freshmeat intake in a couple of weeks and they want YOU! to come and have a try. And who knows? You might love it.
So how about it? Will you come and have a go? DCDD are having an open day and for a gold coin donation you can come and see one of Bendigo's best sport teams showing off the skills which make them awesome.

*These are characters from 'Whip It',  the Drew Barrymore movie I was talking.about earlier. The derby names of the boys and girls in DCDD are much better and much cleverer.

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