Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photo bomb - Jan 26 2014 (Australia Day)

Jan 26 - FUN STUFF!
Today we went to Melbourne for an Australia Day picnic in the Queen Victoria Gardens.
**I literally work 5 minutes away from these gardens and I never knew they were called this
While wandering around, Honey and I stumbled upon a piano that was out in the open which was a part of the 'Play Me I'm Yours' piano project.
I have a feeling that a random piano we found outside a noodle shop in Glenelg, in Adelaide last year, was a part of this project too...
We had good times with Honey playing and singing and me having a go at remembering the music I learnt for years when I was a kid.
I've now decided that when I have a bigger house, I want an upright piano like this one.

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