Sunday, December 20, 2015

Baby Names (or why Honey doesn't get to name her siblings)

Honey and I are talking about baby names for her sister (if she ever gets a sister in the future). We've fired up Nymbler, which picks names that match the kids that you already have.

By the way, she has told me there is no possible way that she will ever get a(nother) brother, so we don't need to talk about boy names ever, thank you very much.

Her suggestions:

* Anna (like in Frozen)
* Elsa (like in Frozen)
* Olivia
* Eva (her friends' sister, but it turns out she has gotten her friends sisters confused)
* Moodaline (?)
* June - but she's not sure if that's a boy name or not.
* Chewy-head
And my personal favourite: Ginger Bread (which is especially funny given our surname)

These are her opinions of some of the names that have been suggested by Nymbler:

* Elisabeth: Thumbs down
* Hazel - NAH!
* Joanna - No, but I like that name. Thumbs up!
* Annie: Um no.
* Jewel: Thumbs up
* Rose: That's her middle name, OK, and her last name is Zula (it's not).
* Hope: *was struck mute, and needed some water to continue*
* Mary: Mary is a princess
* Kate: Princess Kate has a princess
* Madeline: *threw arms in air* YES!
* Sarah: Who's that?
* Emerald: *rolls eyes at me* I didn't want that name.

So, to sum up tonight's efforts, we've decided that Honey doesn't get to name any future siblings she may acquire.

From Honey: *puts her hand up and tells me not to tell everyone about her baby name plans* 'Don't say it, OK?' I think that means no comment.

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