Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Boxing Day

Merry Christmas +1 to everyone!

What did you get up to? I stayed up until 2am on Christmas morning, roasting a deboned turkey (looked sort of like it had been steam-rolled)
and then getting up and roasting about 6kg of sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrots and parsnips.

Ninja Santa came from here
Then I ate myself into a food coma, went to my in-laws and ate some more, then came home and fell asleep.

Then today I have gone to work, and left the not insignificant clean-up of our home to The Man. Luckily he is much better at housework than me, so all is well.

So to continue on from my previous post, I am posting up all my recipes, so that:
1. I can remember what I did if I should ever do family Christmas again.
2. Show off what a domestic goddess I am.
Slow-cooked Roast Pork (I) - but then halfway through, I realised that I would have to cook it in the oven, and I wanted to use the slow-cooker instead, so I switched to Slow-cooked Roast Pork (II)

Perfect Roast Vegetables - except I used different vegetables, but the point was that parboiling the vegies gave them a head start to change the starch into sugar to make them taste better.

Chocolate Pudding because chocolate is fantastic. This recipe was made dairy-free to accommodate the little people's delicate tummies.

And then we had scratch-gravy, vanilla slice and fudge made by my lovely sister-in-law, and Christmas pudding made by my mother, and a pavlova made by the wonderful folks at Woolworths, but unfortunately we'd all run out of room, so now I plan to continue my 'cheat day' from healthy eating, and have the pavlova for dinner/dessert tonight. Mmmmm. Pavlova.

I really enjoyed Christmas, although I was a bit nervous about hosting it, but it all ended up being OK. Honey, my Mum, and myself even wore the exact same dress from JayJays to be funny. Ah, it is the little things that entertain us.

Mmmm. Pavlova.
What did you do for your Christmas? Comment below!

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