Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Christmas, it's Christmas Time!

In eight minutes it will be Christmas Eve. I am awake because I am cooking a whole heap of things for Christmas Day because we are hosting Christmas at our house. I am cooking things and The Man is washing dishes.

So far I've made apple sauce, cranberry sauce, ice cream and I am about to make regular custard (but I can't tell Honey that because she wanted to stay up and help me make custard, and then I am making seafood sauce for the, er, seafood platter that I am going to magic up on Friday. Somehow. I've never made a seafood platter before.

I've also brined a turkey, which I have never ever heard of before and fund out that my largest pot is a quarter of the size of a normal pot in the United States. My turkey is 2.5 kg, and I think that's excessive for the number of people who are coming to my house for Christmas, so what the hell do they feed their turkeys to make them need a rubbish bin sized pot to cook them? We're also having pork, and I have squirelled away so much pork rind, as my family are pork crackling people, and I feel like I could make good crackling, but I'm not sure. If I am successful however, we will all never want to eat crackling again.

And all my expertise comes from the internets. Hooray for googling in the middle of the supermarket and getting crazily ambitious ideas on things I could cook. Yeah!

Otherwise, I am completely not ready for Santa to come and visit. I still have so many presents to buy, and I have to go and sort out the registration for my business at the council, and I need to go and get chairs for all my guests, and I have a little tiny car, and I will have to make several trips just to collect the chairs, which I am sure are not fold up chairs, and I am going to cut vegies, and all sorts of other things that I can't even think of right now.


I am waiting for my 'secret' custard to cook so that I can go to bed.

My Thermomix looks like this, except mine is more
covered in pasta sauce courtes of The Man.
If you are interested in cooking lots of things instead of easily purchasing them at the supermarket, here are links to their recipes.
WARNING: We are a Thermomix house, so in the spirit of laziness, my recipes are all for the Thermomix.

Apple Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Ice Cream
This ice cream is dairy and soy-free, and instead of using 500ml of milk and 200ml of coconut cream, I just used all coconut cream, and instead of freezing it in blocks and blasting the cubes in the Thermomix, I am going to use my ice cream churn, because I am fancy like that.

Sorry, there isn't a link for this one as you need to have the exclusive Everyday Cooking book that comes with the Thermomix *feels smug*. But it is also non-dairy, and it uses almond milk.

Brining a Turkey (HOW IS THIS A THING?)
My turkey is now chillaxing in the fridge in a nice salty bath. And yes, this is not a Thermomix recipe! But I did mix the brine in the Thermomix because of laziness.

And as a reward for reading this far, here is my all-time favourite Flight of the Conchords video clip.

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