Sunday, December 27, 2015

100 Days of Happiness

Yesterday I was 'researching' ideas for ninja midgets on/at Fat Mum Slim (because Chantelle has got some really good stuff on her blog) and I came across 100 Happy Days.

Now I've not been the happiest person in the world this year, due to one thing or another, and I have decided enough is enough, and I am changing things in 2016.
100 Happy Days is meant to teach you how to appreciate the happy things that happen in your life, and I really think that would be awesome for me at the moment.
So I guess most people would expect to start something like this as a New Years resolution.
I'm not. I am shocking at keeping New Years resolutions (see my 2015 New Years resolution effort)
I am starting this today.
My pictures will be up in the top right corner, under #100happydays. You can also click on them to see other pictures that I have taken. I make no apologies for my fairly erratic photography skills.
So here we go.
PS If you also want to post up your very own instagram feed, go to SnapWidget to get it sorted.
HINT: I had to make a long hashtag to avoid getting a random lot of photos of other people's ninjamidgets in my feed.

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