Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Romantical efforts

There once was a time when if I played the song from our first dance at our wedding reception, that The Man would dance with me, or even acknowledge that it is our first dance song.

Just then I played the YouTube video of our song:

And this is the reaction/acknowledgement that I got from The Man:
Me: What are you playing?
TM: Castlevania - the second game on the disc.
Me: Hooray! *note the sarcasm*
And he knows I played the song because I was ranting at him that YouTube was making my speakers too quiet before I figured out what had happened - I'd turned the sound down because I was tired of watching this video which features The Man's man-crush and has been bookmarked on the computer:

Unromantic douche.

So I've played it again. He's torn himself away from this:
and is now watching this:

Me: Who is playing?
TM: Djokovich and Berdych. The battle of the 'itch'
Me: Right.
Ha. So I give up. Unromantic douche.

PS: There is a bird in my house and The Man wrapped a towel around his head to avoid it as he is not happy friends with birds.

Apparently all birds are angry.

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