Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Miss Rabbit - Wonderwoman

So as the parent of a toddler girl, we get our fair share of the kiddy  TV shows.

Actually, we probably get less than our fair share of the TV shows because I am a mean mother and make Honey watch the shows I like.

Interestingly, one of Honey's first shows that she really liked was The Love Boat and even now she'll get her bad self down dancing to the theme.

Some of the shows that she watches are Giggle and Hoot, Chuggington, Thomas the Tank Engine (don't be telling me that he's just a train now. He is clearly a tank engine, even Wikipedia says so).

Another show that I don't think she is fussed about, but is always on my television is Peppa Pig.

Now I like Peppa. She is quite cute. I like her brother, and her father, Daddy Pig is quite funny and reminds me of The Man in that he claims to be an expert in many many different things.

The character I am most fascinated with though, is Miss Rabbit. I am astounded at the many different fields she actually IS an expert in. She works everywhere!

Miss Rabbit in her firefighting gear.
And I'm not the only person fascinated by her, or even the first to blog about her. BareNakedMummy has also written a post about this amazingly accomplished single mother (because ZOMG, not only does she work everywhere, she has baby bunnies too).

Some of the jobs that I have seen her perform on Peppa Pig are:
helicopter pilot, air hostess (it's the UK, so I think its OK to call her that), librarian, works at the aquarium, works in the moon shop selling moon cheese. There are a zillion other jobs I've seen her perform, but can't remember them right now.

And she works so hard that the Queen gave her a medal for being the hardest working person in her kingdom. Well deserved I would say!

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