Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ignore responsibilities - lie on floor

So last night.

Once I signed off the internet after posting yesterday's photo bomb, I planned to go to bed, sleep restfully until 5:30am and then get up to go to the gym for the first time this week.

So didn't happen.

While I was editing photos and posting blogs about The Man and such, I was drinking most of a 2L bottle of Coca Cola, so when I went to bed at 11:10pm I was super-hyperactive and wasn't going to sleep any time soon.

And as I said yesterday there was a bird flying around my house, so before I went to bed, The Man waited outside while I searched for the bird to shoo it out of the house. I couldn't find it, so the bird is still in here, which is apparently really unlucky.

So then I went to bed, and then The Man went to bed, and the bird came swooping around my room, which gave me a surprise and banished any hope I had to going to sleep right at that moment.

Then The Man DID go to sleep and I kept hearing the bird tweeting at me, and went on a search for where it was hiding. I've discovered that the bird probably got into the house through a vent in the roof which needs to be replaced, but has not as yet. Now it is sitting in between the walls next to The Man's side of the bed and keeps mocking me. I figure it has gotten in there easily enough, so it can get itself out. I *think* the bottoms of the walls open up to underneath the house. I don't know. While it is tweeting at me, I assume it's fine. If it got from the wall in one room to a wall in another room, I assume it can get around easily enough.

Anyway. The caffiene hyperactivity wore off at about 2am and then I went to sleep, still aiming to be up for the gym and to have a little snooze afterwards.

4am. Buddy woke up. He never wakes up at 4am. Ever! Wanted his backside changed and something to eat.

Went back to sleep at 4:30am, and the next thing I knew Buddy was awake again, and The Man had gotten up for work. Which meant that I had slept through the window of opportunity to go to the gym.

Not that I would have had much fun as I feel as bright as... as bright as... I don't know. I am just knackered really.

Both midgets are sleeping and I should as well, but if I go to sleep, I am sure the two of them will wake up about a second after I close my eyes and really, why bother teasing myself with the idea of a lie down and a rest?


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