Saturday, January 05, 2013

The hotness

It's 31 degrees right now. MADNESS!
Ermagard it is hot in Bendigo tonight.

We're supposed to have a weekend of more of this insane heat.

Buddy hates it and it upsets him so he wants to be cuddled, which makes him hotter, which makes him upset which makes him want a cuddle, and the vicious cycle goes on and on. The Man ended up taking him into the shower to cool him off, then put him in his bed to go to sleep before he warmed enough to realise that he was hot and angry.

Mwa ha ha! Well played The Man, well played.

I spent the afternoon today at the pool with the midgets, my Mum and my brother. Being the huge kid that I am, I got three goes on the Hoobie Tubie.

It turns out, when The Man told me that the bigger you are, the faster you go down the slide, he was right...

I am not a little person, and I was lined up behind two pre-teen kids in the waterslide. The girl who was in charge of telling you to go down the slide said it was OK to go, and so off I went.

As soon as I took off, I knew something was gravely wrong.

It sounded like those kids were right next to me in the slide. I thought 'Oh dear, this won't end well' and tried to slow myself down by grabbing the sides, and thinking slowing thoughts.

Didn't work.

I kept gaining momentum until I got to the very very end of the slide and the poor boy in front of me ended up in my lap. And then I landed on top of him in the pool at the end of the slide.

I had some warning about the imminent disaster, but the boy and his sister had the fright of their lives when a grown woman landed on top of them on the waterslide. Even as it was happening, I had snippets of Homer Simpson in the waterslide.

Almost the same, except I wanted to
get stuck. And I am not mustard yellow.
Or a man.

And in other news, I bought Honey a cute little floatation vest for when she goes to the pool in case she falls over again. There was another boy wearing the same thing (because its a frog, and frogs come in boy and girl versions). She didn't really need it today, except for when she tried to slide off the back of the Big Red Car in the toddler pool and went head first into the pool. I told her not to do it but there is no reasoning with a toddler.

All the while, Buddy was dipping hi toes in the water and having a great time (as pictured in this photo bomb) until I made him SIT in the water and he didn't like getting his man bits wet.

Then we all went home and we are going back to the pool tomorrow for more coolness in the midst of this ridiculous Central Victorian heat.

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