Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday. Enough said.

So now I've been to the gym. Buddy woke up at 4:30am to make sure he was fed and back to bed before the gym opened. Usually he wakes up at 6-6:30am.

Gee thanks little man.

Now he is back asleep, but Honey is up. I think we can totally disregard what I said yesterday about the predictable nature of my children.

My arms feel sore, and floppy because I actually used them to exercise today. I was meant to do something or other, but ended up flailing my arms around towards the ground, and then up into the air. I am not very coordinated.

So now I am sitting on the couch watching Angelina Ballerina. I am using this early time of day to potty train Honey, and I've just had to do the potty dance to celebrate a successful wee. I also rewarded her with a TNCC Berry Bliss (a raspberry lolly but with a juicy inside). Didn't think we'd have any sub-breakfast wees any time soon, but in the interests of keeping things constant because Honey would commit serious crimes for a 'berry'.

In fact, she's brought me two unopened packets of 'berries' and now she's come and given me a hug and a kiss - which is lovely but I know she knows that flattery will get you to a lot of places. But won't get you an unearned lolly before breakfast time.

The Man is up and about, dealing with having two people up and bothering him when he is getting ready for work.

Today's plan is to take more photos of Buddy and Honey and something that is yellow for FatMumSlim. It is supposedly meant to be hot and I am dressed accordingly, but my weather app on my phone says its 12 degrees, and meant to be a top of 27 which is a poor excuse for a January day in Central Victoria.

Ah! There is the sound of my son calling me for food. I must go. I'll be back later with today's photo bomb.

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