Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm still here you know

I know what you're thinking.

That I've given up taking photos!

Nope, I'm still taking photos, but between the trainers at the gym trying to kill me by jumping squats and planks and a terrible, terrible thing called a Max Body Burnout; Buddy Boy having an extended grumpy period where he either has to be looking at me, held by me or hanging off me; and starting a new diet (gastronomical reign of terror which may leave The Man transparent), I haven't had enough time to post up the photos I've taken. Also I've been googling lots so the pics I've taken on my iPhone are still on my iPhone because the battery has died, and did I mention I've been so busy? By the end of the day I've been too wrecked to find the charger.

But now I know at least three people see my blog because they've asked me where my photos are (including The Man when I haven't even made him look at my blog - promise!)

And the answer to that question - where are the photos is - they're coming.


I want you to notice that I put exactly $20 of petrol into the car WITHOUT using the preset amount.
I know, I am the ninja of petrol pumping.

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