Sunday, January 13, 2013


14 weeks after Buddy hatched, I am going back to the gym.

Tomorrow I am *planning* to go to the gym after Buddy's first feed of the day (6am) and I keep alternating between thinking how great it will be to do exercise, and forgetting that I intend to get out of bed early and thinking of excuses about how to sleep longer.

It's quite confusing and I wonder which side of me will win - the determined side or the lazy side.

*sigh* my life is an eternal struggle between these two mes.

But my gym-ming will take 30 minutes, plus warm up and cool down, and so in theory I will be home and ready to take on the midgets by 8am. Seeing as the big midget is not a normal toddler, she doesn't rise until 8:30, and Buddy will only wake up when he wants more food.

Erk, 6am feels so early but if I don't go to the gym then, I won't go at all.

And I need to get my fitness up so I can try out roller derby in a month or so. I wanted to join in their last 'fresh meat' intake but apparently being full of bebbeh precludes you from roller derby. Or roller skating. Or any physical exertion at all.

I had one tab on my white belt which is the highest sporting
achievement of my life.
Did you know I used to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Well, I did until The Man knocked me up and said I wasn't allowed to do it any more. And then Honey was too set in her ways to let me go back to training.

Also I was a sook and decided I had forgotten anything I'd ever learnt. I wasn't a very good BJJ student. But I like to think that if I need them, I can channel some pretty good BJJ moves. Maybe. Now I am just a BJJ groupie.

I need a mouthguard for roller derby, and I can buy them from a chemist BUT I have a proper moulded one from the dentist (its name is Lindsay and its green) so all I need to do now is buy the rest of the derby stuff, like skates and helmet and knee pads and elbow pads and wrist guards and, and, I suppose I better start saving.

And it is LATE and I need to go to bed so I am awake and FRESH for the gym, so good night.

PS, if you've read this post, please comment. So many people have said they have read this blog (and really, it's neither here nor there if people read what I write because I talk even if people aren't listening, but I hope people don't feel like they need to tell me they read the blog when they don't just so I don't cry or anything) and it'd be nice to see who these people are.

Alrighty, off to bed.

Nigh nigh!


  1. i'm needing to get fit too, FOR derby, gonna try to find time to go to the gym too, at for classes, they have a kids room where will can hang out and watch videos or play ipad or something remotely constructive :)

    1. Little Man ended up wanting food at 4:30, so I've been awake since then. I suppose I didn't really get to choose whether I'd get up early or not. *sigh*
      And that's why I am back at the gym, I want to be fit for derby. I am so fricking excited about derby.